Do You Need Help?

If you want help please call

01582 764599

Weekdays, answer phone available

Do You Need Help?


OutpatientsWe are able to provide transport to local hospitals, doctor, dentist or other medical appointments when taking public transport or a taxi would be difficult. We trust this valuable service will only be used by those with a real practical need. All we ask is that you give as much notice as possible and a small donation to the charity for the help received.

Contact us by telephone on 01582 764599.


We are able to provide a volunteer to assist by shopping for essentials for you, or if you have difficulty in shopping alone to accompany you to the shops.


If you are housebound and would enjoy company we are able to provide a volunteer to visit you. If you are caring for someone who is housebound we are able to provide a volunteer to sit with them so that you can go out for an hour or two.   [Please include your name and contact telephone number]  or contact us by telephone on 01582 764599

Harpenden Highstreet